"When I came to Botswana I had a very jaded view of missionaries and their work. I am happy to say that my association with Love Botswana, the Lackey family and the many people who I have come to love and respect who work with your organization, has totally altered my perception. All of you have accepted my belief structure and not allowed our different views to taint the good work that needed to be done. So, thank you for opening my mind which can be stubborn and closed at times and allowing me to witness the good work and huge contribution to the community that you are making. Please accept my congratulations and admiration on a job well done and a life well spent." -Blair Henry, International Development Specialist

"I have had a long time relationship with Jerry and Jana Lackey. They are people of vision and faith. They have a powerful faith in God and a compassionate faith in people. This faith is born out of a deep love for both. They have a unique ability to build lasting relationships with leaders on the highest levels as well as joining hearts and connecting with people of humble circumstances. They and their team have built a legacy which will continue to produce a bountiful harvest in the future. Their life investment has proven to be a valuable asset to Botswana and Africa. It is a joy to count them as friends." -Mark Lucks

"Jana and Jerry’s story is the essence of that great poem Footsteps in the Sand. Their eventful journey on Kalahari sand has been supported by the Lord and when they hit hard times times one set of steady footprints have marched on through the thorny Botswana sand, while the courageous couple were carried by the Lord. The Lackeys are practical people and nothing daunts them, and their busy feet have mapped out powerful paths in the land of desert and delta. This couple give strength and non-judgmental support to those that need it: food, sanctuary, education and shelter. With humor and humanity they have created a safe haven at Love Botswana Outreach Mission. Jana and Jerry walk the walk and do indeed love Botswana and its people. With joy, courage and unflinching faith they will continue and expand their mission. There are many footsteps in the sand around Jana and Jerry’s home: playful, sturdy, assured footprints. Some have taken tender first steps protected by the Lackeys and their helpers; others have walked a long hard path before finding Love. But when the wind has blown away the signs of a busy day and the sun sinks below Botswana’s horizon, one set of prints remains indelible in the Kalahari sand. Love Botswana Outreach Mission is a testament to the Lord’s unflinching steadfast ways. And we can be sure that with the Lord’s help, when the sun comes up the Lackey family will continue to love Botswana in their own inimitable way." -Kate Nicholls (written for our 25 year celebration)

"Four of us from Mississippi visited Love Botswana headquarters in late August and got to see firsthand all the amazing work being done through the staff and volunteers. We were excited to see the Life Center just about ready to open its doors to the community and are expecting great reports of the impact that facility is sure to have on the whole area. We also were blessed to have been in Maun on Sunday and attend services at the big white tent full of people who love God! God has drawn a wonderful group of people to be part of the church in Maun. We met with various ministry leaders and heard tremendous reports of all the Love Botswana is doing in the community and throughout the nation. The nation of Botswana is being transformed through the work of Love Botswana. We had the privilege of staying two nights at the Royal Tree Lodge, a safari camp to help finanically support the vision of the ministry. What an amazing place that was. I highly recommend Royal Tree Lodge to anyone looking for a great safari experience. Service was fantastic!" -Rick and Robin Eaton

"I can never begin to thank the Lord enough, for ordering my steps to work at Love Botswana Outreach Mission! The Mission offers a great platform for both christian fundamental principles and economic growth through its various programs that benefit the community of Maun and the surrounding areas. Personally, I grew spiritually as I worked with remarkable men and women, who are passionate about what they do to the glory of the one who sent them. I salute Jerry and Jana Lackey for their dedication and steadfast love for the nation of Botswana! Their love and work remains very dear to my heart." -Faith Seboko