Mission Immersion Internship

Love Botswana Outreach Mission offers a unique, comprehensive, three-month internship programme to nurture the missions calling in the lives of those who feel led to pursue a foreign assignment. 

The Programme is divided into 3 distinct sessions:

First: During the first month, interns will receive an introduction to the culture through a practical, life-skills training that includes an overview of basic Setswana greetings and terms; Batswana etiquette and dress standards; food and everyday living experiences.  They will also have opportunities to learn of the experiences of missionaries currently serving with the Mission through personal interactions.

Second: In the second month, interns will receive training in driving the ministry vehicles in remote terrain; they will learn how to build and cook over an open fire; the will set up a remote camp to include building a latrine and hauling water and wood; they will plan a mission trip to a remote area to include supply lists, resources and transportation.  They will then put this training to practical use by traveling to one of the Branch Churches in a remote area in order to participate in its church building and mobilization. This will provide a rich opportunity to learn how to live and work in the ways that those in remote areas live daily.

Third: In the third and final month, interns will be placed in one or more of the programmes of the Mission in Maun.  Through interactions with the local church, the international school, the social services department, the Rescue Centre and exposure to other local humanitarian programmes and services, the interns will begin to take part in what God is doing through the Mission. The programme is then culminated with a safari adventure experience to a wilderness destination of their choice within the Okavango Delta  or the surrounding areas. 

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