Love Botswana Outreach Mission is a pioneering organization, a growing and developing ministry that focuses on equipping indigenous leaders to effectively reach their communities for Christ. Our staff is a team, working together to reach the ministry goals, accomplish the vision, and impact lives in Southern Africa. Our staff team is a diverse group of many nationalities, young and adult, single and married.

Missionary Staff is made up of individuals and families who feel called to serve 2 years or longer in Botswana.  Before assignment to the mission field, each person undergoes a placement process before joining the ministry long-term. All missionary staff raise their own financial support for their personal living expenses, initial moving costs, and contribution toward the ministry.

Initial contact for information should be made to the Lackey Ministries, Inc. office in Houston which handles all placement logistics for missionaries, interns and teams.   The contact can be made by telephone as found on the Contact page or through email at: info@lackeyministries.org. 

A brief overview of the placement process is listed below:

Step 1:

  1. Send an email of enquiry to info@lackeyministries.org
  2. You will receive an email reply indicating what staff openings are available and if so, requesting the following initial information, typed as a Word document and attached to an email:
    • Résumé that includes education, work, and church experience (both paid and volunteer work)
    • A brief biographical sketch that includes family of origin information, your current family situation, and your salvation experience
    • A brief statement which includes your mission experience and an overview of your calling to the mission field
    • A brief statement that includes:
  • Your skills, abilities, and vocation which you feel would be an asset to our ministry
  • What you would like to do on the mission field (your interest in a specific department, etc.)
  • When you hope to come to the field and the length of time that you would want to be on the field
  • Your initial thoughts on how you plan to raise the funds for your placement

Step 2:

  1. You will receive an email upon receipt of your initial overview material.
  2. If it appears that there is a potential placement for you at LBOM, you will receive an email providing you more information and requesting additional information from you.

More information will be available on-line soon.