The Community Outreach programme is the conduit for delivering practical ministry to the broader community of Maun.  It is a benevolence programme designed specifically to secure resources for those children and families, including the disabled and elderly, who need support in order to move from a crisis situation to that of self-support.  These services are complementary to those available through various government programs and include direct delivery of physical resources as well as psycho-social support and comfort.



This programme provides both physical, spiritual and emotional support to those in the community who have been identified as in need of assistance above what is available from the government or other helping agencies.   It is a benevolence programme to bring assistance, provision and love in very practical ways through the distribution of donated food and clothing as well as support in securing a clean water supply, a clean home and essential transportation and other life giving needs.


This service is provided to members of the community who are referred to Love Botswana as being in need of assistance on the basis of immediate and acute crisis (house burning, flood, death, illness, child abandonment, marginalization, etc.)  Assessments are conducted and clients are assisted either directly or through referral to government or other helping agencies.