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Give Your Time

Have a direct impact on the nation of Botswana by coming to Africa to serve with us! There are many different opportunities available, with a vast range of timeframes. Explore the various possibilities below and join us!


Mission Teams

We offer unique, short-term ministry experiences in education, HIV/AIDS prevention, social outreach, and church development. Mission teams invest in the lives of the people of Botswana and have an opportunity to participate in safari adventures from Love Botswana’s Maun base, the gateway to the Okavango Delta.

Come join hands with us for a tailored missions adventure. Teams are evaluated on an individual basis, enabling them to utilize their skills in the most practical and meaningful ways.

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From one of our past team members:

“Serving with Love Botswana has really helped me grow. Working with people and seeing all the different departments working towards making a difference within the community has been so encouraging. Through these, God’s love is being amplified.”



Mission Immersion Internship

Our Mission Immersion internship program offers a unique, comprehensive, three-month mission experience. Interns participate in every aspect of ministry, learn valuable skills, and grow in their cultural understanding.

From the moment you arrive in Maun, Botswana, you will be won over by the smiles and hearts of those whose lives have been impacted with the saving knowledge of Christ and those who are hungry and waiting for the Good News of the Gospel. You will be immersed in the unique culture of this Southern African region, tangibly meeting needs around you and bringing hope to those you serve.

Travel to our branch churches in remote areas and participate in church building and mobilization. Experience the more simplified lifestyle of those who live with limited electricity, water, and communication resources. Learn what daily life is like for the locals and, at the same time, share your faith through relational outreach in the community.

Experience what God is doing through the many departments of Love Botswana and be an active part of the transformation taking place in the region. As you participate in the work of Kingdom-building, you will discover more about missionary life overseas and grow personally in the potential God has placed within you.

Don’t just watch from the sidelines. Join this grand adventure!

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Each and every position on our staff and volunteer team is crucial to accomplishing the ministry vision of developing leaders for Africa. Utilize your talents, serving with us as a short-term or long-term volunteer to fulfill a specific role.

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From one of our local volunteers:

“My name is Lauren Mckenzie and I’m 16 years old. I started volunteering at the Lorato House Rescue Center, a safe place for rescued and vulnerable children, in February 2012. I work twice a week for four hours. My time volunteering there has really had an impact in my life. I leave with so much love in my heart, but wasn’t I the one supposed to be giving, not receiving? I felt so much closer to God, but I still didn’t know the reason. And I thought about it, those children have absolutely nothing to be happy about yet they are so filled with joy and love and peace and it overflows into everyone else’s life around them. I know no matter what is happening in my life, when I leave that place I will leave with a smile.”