This programme is designed for Pre-Teens and Teens (12–19 years old). All programmes focus on leadership development that supports involvement in the community; discipleship and character building teaching and training; talent discovery and enhancement; and, life skills development that supports HIV prevention and care.


Fire by Nite is The Village Church youth outreach programme. Every Friday night, an average of 100-250 young people attend Fire by Nite for an evening of fellowship, ministry, and fun through Christian teachings. These teachings help youth to refrain from going out to drink alcohol, indulge in unprotected sex, drugs, crime and other illicit behaviours that might attract them when they have nothing to do after school on weekends.

Different avenues such as music, talent shows, fashion shows, games, movies, and inspirational Biblical teachings are used to minister to the youth. Young people from all different backgrounds attend, and many give their lives to Christ. The young people are provided with a safe and comfortable environment where they can interact with one another and feel loved.

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Reach 4 Life exists to radically reduce the spread of HIV/AIDS through behavioural change, leading youth to save sex for marriage. As an extension of Village Church, Reach 4 Life recognizes a pure life is accomplished through vibrant faith in God, grown by reading, grasping, and the living out of God’s Word and ways.

Reach 4 Life conducts after school clubs in the public and private schools in Maun and surrounding areas. Hundreds of young people attend each week. Annually a training camp, Camp Pure, is held for training new student leaders in the programme. An annual Awareness and Celebration Parade is held in order to inform the community and provide an opportunity to celebrate with the students the finish of another school year.



A programme for those youth who have regularly participated in the Mission youth empowerment programs, have completed their high school studies and are waiting to enroll in tertiary (college). It provides young people with the opportunity to develop job skills, equips them with relevant trainings and opens awareness of a future life of ministry. More information about this programme can be found in the Dilo Makwati section of the website.

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The Sports & Creative Arts programme exists to bring recreation and arts into the church and provide a platform for the godly expression of gifts and talents. Every person is created with a talent and a unique purpose. It seeks to identify and develop these talents in order to transform lives.

Sports, music, singing, poetry, dance, and drama are used to raise up generations which will worship God and fulfill the Great Commission.

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A programme of The Village Church provided so that youth can delve further into what is being taught in other programmes. Offered in a small group environment in order to facilitate an interactive format.

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