The Lorato House entrance

Lorato House Rescue Centre in Maun was licensed in 2009 to provide 24-hour residential support and care to children needing protection.  It has housed more than 110 children from every corner of Botswana.

Lorato House admits orphans and vulnerable children who are 0-5 years of age and children with disabilities who are 0-10 years of age.  Lorato House is the only residential facility in Botswana to admit children with severe disabilities.

At Lorato House, children receive round-the-clock physical, mental, educational, spiritual, and psychosocial care from Centre staff.  To meet the children’s educational needs, Lorato House operates a preschool that serves students for four hours each weekday.  Additionally, Lorato House transports children to and from primary school.

Some of Lorato House’s children perform a Nativity skit at the annual Christmas party

Toward their physical well-being, children receive three meals and three snacks daily, which is especially important for the growing number of children who arrive at Lorato House with malnutrition.  Centre staff worked with a certified dietitian to develop a menu that ensures these children receive the nutritional support they need to meet their developmental milestones.

There currently are 45 children at Lorato House, ranging in age from 0-13.  This is a 45 percent increase over the number of children in January 2023 (31).  Lorato House receives support from the Botswana Department of Social Development, which provides 28.8 percent of the annual costs to operate Lorato House.  The remainder of the budget comes from individuals, corporations, and foundations.  To be part of this amazing group of supporters, click here.

Students at Lorato House’s preschool

Among the caring staff at Lorato House are six deaf individuals.  They are employed through Love Botswana’s Deaf Heart program which was formed in 2016 to advocate for the rights of deaf people in education and employment.