Opened in 2012, the Life Centre is an administrative hub and multi-faceted facility that serves the community needs of the people of Maun. This includes a gym, children’s playground, recreational facilities for the youth, a 1,600-seat auditorium, conference rooms, and a multi-media studio.

Conceived to be one of the foremost youth development centres in northern Botswana, the Life Centre has blossomed into one of the most recognizable pillars in the Maun community. Funds generated from the Life Centre are channeled back into the community through our many outreach programs.


At the heart of our facility, one will find the largest auditorium in northern Botswana with a maximum seated capacity of 1,600 or a standing capacity of 2,000.  The auditorium is fully customizable to the occasion and has been used to host weddings, workshops, conferences, concerts, parties, award ceremonies, and other corporate events.

Roll up the carpets and the Life Centre Auditorium is fully transformed into an indoor recreational facility. Our spacious indoor court has been used to host football, volleyball, and badminton tournaments, and even fitness aerobathons.

For visual and audio, we boast a three-screen projection setup with fitted sound and designated operators to guarantee a smooth-running occasion. Our auditorium is also designed to produce crisp acoustics complemented by flagship microphones.


Conference Rooms

Bring life to your conferencing with any of our three conference rooms. Our rooms can host anywhere from 30-100 people, depending on the chosen format.  The conference rooms also have multiple access points allowing ease of access and added convenience. All of our conference rooms are fitted with high-end air conditioners allowing clients to customize their working environment. Projection and sound are available as an added service.