Established in 1998, The Village Church is a nondenominational church with branches in 15 communities in the Okavango Delta and Namibia.

The Village Church gained a new home in Xakao

In 2023, we cut the ribbon on a building in the village of Xakao on Botswana’s northwest border with Namibia that will house the new mother church for all of the Village Churches in the Okavango Delta and Namibia, with the Maun church now a part of the exciting global Kingdomcity Church which is growing rapidly.

Xakao Village Church will also house the new Love  Botswana Bible School with its contextualized teaching courses for the Hambukusu and Bayei tribes that will be taught in two-week modules for men and women from remote villages.  Our goal is to indoctrinate and ordain 50 new pastors to establish and lead 50 new churches in villages throughout the Okavango and Namibia.  We hope to plant these life-giving churches over the next 10 years.